Kakadu Kitchen x Ozharvest Drink

RRP $30/750Ml Bottle

RRP $180/6pk carton

Crafted with purpose

Rescued Blueberries.

Native Lemongrass & Salt Bush.

WIne Alternative

Conscious Drink.

• 0% - ABV

• Vegan Friendly

• Natural

• Chill & Serve


In the first-ever product launch enabled by OzHarvest Ventures, Indigenous-owned Kakadu Kitchen in collaboration with OzHarvest is releasing this limited edition ‘Conscious Drink’. Crafted by a purpose-driven team, celebrating the beauty of natural resourced or foraged Australian fruits and botanicals through a premium bespoke alcohol-free blend


This Conscious Drink offers social impact, diverting beautiful blueberries sourced from Northern NSW away from going to landfill whilst supporting indigenous business, Kakadu Kitchen, and emerging Bininj artist Trentin Rasmussen for his front label artwork. Proceeds from each bottle will help two people in need via OzHarvest and every case sold will ensble one edible native seedling to be planted in the Northern Territory.


Skillfully blended by our Chief Drink Alchemist, Tim Triggs, founder at ALTD Spirits and Ghiddy Wines, with the fresh fruit purity of blueberry flavors, framed by aromatic lemongrass, warm native pepper berry spices, and expertly balanced with saltbush and acidity – to produce a deliciously refreshing lightly sparkling beverage for the mindful and meaningful drinker. Enjoy chilled on all occasions worth celebrating.

Or contact the OzHarvest Ventures Team for more information.

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