Kakadu Kitchen Spring Water

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From the natural aquifer of Palmerston Dolostone, our pure ph8 spring water is sourced from Acacia Hills in beautiful Wulna Country.

Kakadu Kitchen Spring Water
From Wulna Country within the pristine natural aquifers of the Top End comes Kakadu Kitchen Spring Water. An untouched tropical paradise, wet season rains filter through our ancient landscapes, nourishing our earth mother. The sweet tastes of nature infused with minerals, a life giving source that has sustained generations. Water connects us all from fresh water to salt water. Kuku (means water in Kundjeihmi language) is good for people, good for country, good for you.

Source locally in the Northern Territory
Drawn from the natural aquifer of Palmerston Dolostone, our pure ph8 spring water is sourced from Acacia Hills in beautiful Wulna Country less than 100km from World Heritage Listed Kakadu National Park.

Made pure by nature
Naturally purified by nature over deep time our natural mineralised ph8 alkaline water distils a crisp, refreshing smooth taste.

Local First Nations NT water brand
Founded by Bininj man Ben Tyler on the principles of health, nature, and culture – Kakadu Kitchen is 100% Indigenous owned and run. A Kakadu bush food specialists company developing a range of First Nations wholesale health and wellness products within the water and non-alcoholic beverage categories.

Community and Sustainability
In 2023, Kakadu Kitchen strives to develop its community and sustainability approaches through consultations and collaborations with the custodians of Wulna Country to learn best ways of giving back to the local community and to go big on plastic recycling by starting small like providing boxes for collecting plastic lids for recycling. In 2022, a visit by Ben Tyler to Geraldton E-Waste facility inspired the potential for recycling waste at the local community level as opposed to shipping waste across the country to large centralised waste facilities – which seems like the more sustainable way of the future for waste management. Kakadu Kitchen’s plan to go big on recycling means starting small working in collaboration with passionate individuals and groups doing good within the circular economy space. Got a question, want to know more, and want to collaborate? Please reach out by email to

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